Why did you choose Nichiren Buddhism?

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Why did you choose Nichiren Buddhism?

Post by Luke » Mon Jun 02, 2014 4:56 pm

Hello, I am curious, why did you choose Nichiren Buddhism? And especially, why did you choose to practice Nichiren instead of Tendai, since Tendai also regards the Lotus Sutra as the highest teaching?

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Re: Why did you choose Nichiren Buddhism?

Post by Queequeg » Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:46 pm

In the remote past, the Buddha converted me. I emerged from the Earth when the conditions for my appearance gelled. Isn't that why everyone else is here, doing what they do?

Alternatively, I was Born into This.

I considered Tendai and some Tibetan traditions over the years. Frankly, I don't find any of them urgent, at least on a level beyond the individual, and right about now, humanity's ills seem pretty urgent. Nichiren Buddhism seems to be one of the few traditions that is unflinchingly devoted to propagation of Buddha Dharma. I believe this is the spirit of the Buddha embodied in his decision to begin turning the wheel and in the spirit of Zhiyi's teaching on practice for oneself and for others. I also have a hard time taking elaborate trappings of ritual seriously, which just seems vain to me. I hold this view toward some Nichiren traditions that incorporate folkish practices, as well. I considered but couldn't get with the stripped down interpretations offered by Zen traditions because all in all, they seem to revert to the pitfalls of the individual vehicle.

I've taken up the tradition I was born into in earnest because I find the Lotus Sutra to be profound; this practice has been beneficial to me, and I am impressed that it is beneficial to others.

I'm probably not a good person to offer insights because at the end of the analysis, it can simply be argued that I am just keeping up with what I was indoctrinated in from birth.
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Re: Why did you choose Nichiren Buddhism?

Post by Myoho-Nameless » Tue Jun 03, 2014 7:06 am

There are a few other reasons I found myself practicing NB, relating more to the how than the why.

As to why, I was looking for a Buddhist practice and found myself reading about what pure landers do. eventually I came upon the daily practice of an NB, and from their I began to learn about NB. The ease of access to the practice (though I bought by gohonzon from ebay....I sort of feel bad about that now), the ease of it's doing. The notion of the Ten Worlds seemed a practical teaching. And it tends to not be a Buddhism of escapism, embracing life rather than ditching it. The sectarian stuff can really turn me off, though it says something that I never honestly could consider dropping the practice because of it. In general I made a consumer's choice of the marketplace of spiritual ideas of the product that won me over, because it was better than the competition.

Even now as other ideologies/schools of thought are awkward blends and this causes me moments of dissatisfaction and concern, I don't see myself trying a different creed.
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Re: Why did you choose Nichiren Buddhism?

Post by Masaru » Wed Jun 04, 2014 4:48 am

I looked up one day and distant stars and galaxies - worlds within worlds - came into view. A flaming lotus appeared to me in the sky with the brightness of an all-pervading sun, and in the center was an incomprehensible symbol which I did not understand, though I knew intuitively it was the symbol representing the destiny of all beings in the universe. As the galaxies spiraled, stars exploded and imploded and civilizations rose and fell - sometimes scattering through the cosmos like dandelions, sometimes disappearing like sparks of flint in their infancy.

A Bodhisattva sprouted from the character of the lotus, and she took the sky as her shroud. Covered by it as though she were the Lady of Guadalupe, she took the stalk of the lotus, holding it high like the torch of Liberty, and she spoke to me saying "Son of the Republic, Buddha son, look and learn. For the sins of your past existences you were born into this world, and by the vow you gave you were born into this world. Your sins are heavy and your virtues few, but by the power of this Law you, your people and this land shall thrive. Son of the Law, restore this land." And when I looked down, I was surrounded by vast fields of rice paddies from which shimmering lotuses had sprung forth in the light of the great sun lotus.

"Sun of the Law, you must travel east." And with that, the Bodhisattva and the lotus disappeared behind the eastern horizon. I looked down and the fields were gone and the sun was coming up. Several months later I traveled eastward. I arrived at the SGI activity center in Killeen, Texas.

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Re: Why did you choose Nichiren Buddhism?

Post by nichirenista » Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:22 pm

I chose Nichiren Buddhism because of chanting. The simplicity of chanting, coupled with the idea that doing so could help you be proactive in life, really appealed to me. And, most of all, it works! Throw in there a love of medieval Japanese history on my part, and it's just a perfect fit for me….

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