Lord Buddha Nagarjuna Reality or myth.

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Lord Buddha Nagarjuna Reality or myth.

Postby Minobu » Wed Dec 21, 2016 6:03 pm

There is a bit of a bother going on in my head about Lord Buddha Nagarjuna .

some say he is not a Buddha and that it is merely a label imputed upon Him.
Some say He never lived nine hundred years.

Some come to terms with the age factor by saying there are two Nagarjunas.
How can they be comfortable with that and not the other.

both of which i believe face the obvious possibility of being wrong.

Did He actually retrieve The Lotus Sutra or produce it .
If produced was it a genuine Dharma Kaya Mahayana Teaching as i understand Mahayana Teachings, to be produced after the Historic Buddha's passing, of entering Nirvana.

For me ,I like things a little more lucid , even if they sound far fetched to the mundane self. Faith is understandable , but it should at least be directed at a Truth, whether perceived or not.

To me at my juncture of practice i see a lineage leading to Buddhahood for the common mortal in an age of Dharma Decline.
That being the teachings of Nichiren Shonin.

It starts historically with Lord Buddha Nagarjuna, picked up and polished by Tien Tai The Great and finally handed down for world wide consumption by Nichiren Shonin.
I say consumption for I see as late that all spiritual practice in this age of decline is one of consumption , like any other aspect of human endeavour at this juncture in our legacy and history.

I guess the whole thing goes out the window if one does not believe we are in an age of Decline in regards to all Dharma .

I love the forum for it brings out all forms of angles i never thought of or as this thread states in OP , creates a dilemma in my mindstream ....with the possibility it is also produced in others.

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