Too much focus on Gohonzon ?

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Too much focus on Gohonzon ?

Post by Minobu » Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:31 pm

I got to thinking. And if i am wrong i want to know it...

Due to Q's leading me to an understanding ,for me ,that allowed me to see all is Buddha, Reality is Buddha , Buddha is Daimoku .
Myoho Renge is what manifests everything...It's not God , it's not a creator it just is what everything is.

Buddha , you , me are all manifestations of this.buddha an exact pure manifestation in any of the Three Bodies .
So when we chant the Daimoku we can say we are one with it on a conscious level and understanding. Truly amazing, and all do to the efforts of the lineage Masters of Lotus Buddhism.
We get to call forth the ultimate reality....enhance everything we wish to enhance

So we are then given the Gohonzon after the Atsuhara persecution.
Because of the protection, the wisdom imparted and health benefits from hanging out with the Ceremony in the Air crowd.
The Gohonzon is a means to an end of a certain aspect of Nichiren Shonin decided to do for us little people.
We get to grow with a certain group of entities and such that really promised to help those on the Lotus Buddhism Path...

the ultimate protectors and healers and teachers ....doing it in a way like only a Buddha can directly contact...

all very cool and gratitude could not possibly be given in one life or many...

But it can distract from the primary practice. meditating on and getting to know through close contact with the Primordial Buddha, the Primordial Source, The ODaimoku ..This is The Eternal Buddha, that which only Buddha's can share in their understanding of.
And yet we get to meditate with "IT" through chanting....not necessarily to Gohonzon , or as i like to say with Gohonzon. thats a whole other ball of wax besides just chanting and meditating with ODaimoku .

ok lots there to talk about...
We get to call forth the ultimate reality....enhance everything we wish to enhance , make our lives what we want to. no boundaries with enough faith ..create our own reality....

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Re: Too much focus on Gohonzon ?

Post by Minobu » Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:21 pm

Queequeg wrote:
Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:39 pm

I'm not quite sure I follow - Gohonzon is, as mentioned above, the Buddha. How could Buddha be a distraction? I think I get what you are hinting at - that the Gohonzon becomes a fetishized object,
What i meant by a distraction is the practice of meditating solely on the ODaimoku and what can come from that practice..
the distraction is the fact i never did this.
closing my eyes and chanting whilst trying to feel. realize and be the Daimoku , along with other things a cannot articulate.

it's not some rude insult or anything like that...we already have secondary practice wording in our practice, that being gongyo.

Melding with The Entities of the Ceremony in the Air is different , and at the the same as chanting..but chanting alone focused on that is also different.
different effects..

the purpose of the thread is to show that.
maybe distraction is not the best word but it points to what i am trying to get across here.

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