TenDai Gongyo / like Nichiren Shonin did.

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TenDai Gongyo / like Nichiren Shonin did.

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So this beautiful priest did his practice for us here at DW.

it's pure TenDai, exactly like Nichiren Shonin did..
the whole nyo ze so.....ends with hon matsu ku kyo to ...like Nichiren Shu does.
Nichiren shoShu does hon mak ku kyo to..

it actually has become just a matter of preference apparently..but i find it odd that Nichiren shu does it exactly like Nichiren Shonin did and then of course for some odd reason ShoShu decided to change it...Shoho prefers whats to follow because of the fact it is exactly like Nichiren shonin did.

makes a difference to me..but apparently it's all just preferance?

check out
look at timestamp 6.00
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