The significance of reciting the Buddha's Name

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The significance of reciting the Buddha's Name

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Re: The significance of reciting the Buddha's Name

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Pure Nembutsu is beyond significance and meaning, please listen to my verses, partly inspired by a Zen poem:

From the pine tree, learn of the pine tree.
From the bamboo, learn of the bamboo.
From the Nembutsu, learn of the Nembutsu

Similarly Honen expressed his final understanding of the Nembutsu just before dying like this:
Reciting the nembutsu does not come from studying and understanding its meaning. There is no other reason or cause by which we can utterly believe in attaining birth in the Pure Land than the nembutsu itself. Reciting the nembutsu and believing in birth in the Pure Land naturally gives rise to the three minds (sanjin) and the four modes of practice (shishu). If I am withholding any deeper knowledge beyond simple recitation of the nembutsu, then may I lose sight of the compassion of Shakyamuni and Amida Buddha and slip through the embrace of Amida's original vow. Even if those who believe in the nembutsu deeply study all the teachings which Shakyamuni taught during his life, they should not put on any airs and should practice the nembutsu with the sincerity of those untrained followers ignorant of Buddhist doctrines. I hereby authorize this document with my hand print.
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