True Pure Land and Parinirvana

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Re: True Pure Land and Parinirvana

Post by Astus » Thu May 30, 2013 12:08 am

Dodatsu wrote:Also, one should remember that the interpretation on the concept of Nirvana differs in the Mahayana and Theravada traditions.
Regarding that point there was a separate topic created: Apratishtita Nirvana
1 Myriad dharmas are only mind.
Mind is unobtainable.
What is there to seek?

2 If the Buddha-Nature is seen,
there will be no seeing of a nature in any thing.

3 Neither cultivation nor seated meditation —
this is the pure Chan of Tathagata.

4 With sudden enlightenment to Tathagata Chan,
the six paramitas and myriad means
are complete within that essence.

1 Huangbo, T2012Ap381c1 2 Nirvana Sutra, T374p521b3; tr. Yamamoto 3 Mazu, X1321p3b23; tr. J. Jia 4 Yongjia, T2014p395c14; tr. from "The Sword of Wisdom"

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Re: True Pure Land and Parinirvana

Post by sinweiy » Thu May 30, 2013 1:27 am

Astus wrote: What I referred to as Tibetan is the idea that Amitabha is nirmanakaya and Amitayus is sambhogakaya. In East Asia the two names are not differentiated that way, they are names for the same buddha. So, when they say Amituo or Amida, it stands for both names.
actually, yes, Amituo is commonly use. however we also use to refer Amituofo as 无量寿, 无量光, Infinity Life, Infinity Light respectively. if you ask any chinese purelanders about 无量寿, 无量光, infinity Life, Infinity Light, they will know it's Amituofo.

"Enlightenment is to turn around and see MY own mistake, Other's mistake is also my mistake. Others are right even if they are wrong. i'm wrong even if i'm right. " - Master Chin Kung

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