East and West

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East and West

Post by sinweiy » Mon May 27, 2013 3:26 am

二。赞佛名号分二:2 kinds of Title of Buddha:
(一),通号Common titles of Buddha:分十 Are divided into Ten.
(二),别号Special titles of Buddha:分二 Are divided into Two.
1,东East:分三 Are divided into Three. (1).毗卢遮那Vairocana;(2)卢舍那.Rocana ;(3).释伽牟尼Shakyamuni。
2,西West:阿弥陀佛Amitabha——法报相同Dharmakaya are the same,胜应劣应大别不同different are the Nirmanakaya/Manifestation bodies ,名绍万德 each carry infinity virtue。

三。赞佛身:分二 2 kinds of EmBody of Buddha:
(一),东East :分三 Are Three.
1,法身有二 2 kinds of Dharmakaya:(1)法性身Dharma Nature kaya;(2)法相身Dharma phenomena kaya。
2,报身有二2 kinds of Sambhogakaya:(1)自受用身Self usage;(2)他受用身Others usage。
3,应身有二2 kinds of Nirmanakaya :(1)胜应身Perfect bodies;(2)劣应身imperfect bodies。
(二),西West:阿弥陀佛Amitabha——法报与东相同Dharmakaya is the same as the east,胜应劣应大别but the Nirmanakaya are different,劣应接引十恒河沙世界the imperfect bodies are about to redirect beings of infinity world,念佛众生into Buddha remembrance。

四。赞佛土:分二 2 kinds ofAbode:
(一),东East:四土隔离4 abodes are seperated,上能见下upper are able to see the lower,下不见上lower are not able to see the upper。
(二),西West:四土圆融4 abodes are inter-fused,上下互见 upper and lower can see each other。

五。赞佛化境:分二2 kinds of deliverance area:
(一),东East:法,报,化,十方。Dharmakaya and Sambhogakaya can deliver All ten directions.
应身分二while Nirmanakaya :(1)胜应化大千perfect Nirmanakaya can deliver a Buddha-land;(2)劣应化阎浮imperfect Nirmanakaya deliverance are limited。
(二),西West:三身普化十方十恒河沙佛世界All triple kayas can equally deliver All ten directions,念佛众生摄取不舍for beings who are mindful of Buddha,如吸铁石like a big magnet ,因果成熟接引往生they are able to deliver them when the time is reaped。

六。赞佛修因:分二2 kinds of cultivating cause
(一),东East:四教修因,障碍太大。4 teachings to cultivating cause, have many hinderance.
藏Collective——教如莲花初生Like a lotus newborn,正化二乘凡夫,兼化钝根菩萨properly upgrade the 2 vehicles and unite the dully rooted bodhisattva。
通Common——钝根通前藏教,利根通后别圆,正化菩萨properly upgrade the junior bodhisattvas,兼化二乘凡夫 and unite the 2 vehicles。
别Special——别前二教,别后圆教,正化界外钝根菩萨properly upgrade the dully rooted bodhisattva of other doors,无明惑重that have strong doubts。
圆Complete——圆信Complete faiths,圆悟Complete realisation,圆修Complete cultivation,圆证Complete verification,正化界外利根菩萨properly upgrade the well-established bodhisattvas,无明惑轻doubts are light,仗自力修Self-power cultivating,难中之难which is difficult。
(二),西West:四教圆融4 teachings are inter-blending,依正说法,仗佛力故Other-power cultivation,易中之易easy of the easy,下品往生lowest inferior grade when rebirth,一生成佛in a single life attain Buddhahood,何况中上品者let along the medium or upper grades。

七。赞六即成佛:6 kinds of attaining Buddhahood:
(一)理即佛Principle based Buddha:大地众生皆有佛性,凡是有心,定当作佛。All beings have Buddha-nature, as long as one have a mind, one's surely to be a Buddha.
(二)名字即佛Title based Buddha:承认自己心是佛者,即入此位。Acknowledge the self mind is Buddha, immediately enter the position.
(三)观行即佛Contemplation based Buddha:依教修行,伏见惑。Practice according to teachings, sever one's karma.
(四)相似即佛One after another based Buddha:先断见思Sever delusions,此断尘沙Sever afflictions,伏无明惑Sever ignorance。
(五)份证即佛Gradually verifing based Buddha:初破无明一品至四十一品 Gradually Sever 1 to 41 levels of ignorance。
(六)究竟即佛Final based Buddha:圆证菩提涅槃。Completely attain the Bodhi Nirvana.

八。赞佛大愿:分二 2 kinds of great vow:
(一)1,十大愿王Ten Great Vows;(二)2, 四十八愿 48 great vows。

(一),东East:三身住四土,各各差别 Triple kayas dwell in 4 different abodes;
(二),西West:三身无碍,四土圆妙庄严 Triple kayas are brilliantly inter-fuse without hinderances。

Tien Tai - cultivate 3 stillness止 and 3 contemplation观.

for info: the 'A' along already encompass the Brilliant Emptiness, let along the rest of Title 'Amitabha'.
A------represent All Buddhas of the Ten Directions.
Mi------represent all Bodhisattvas, Pratyekabuddha, Arahat and sangha community.
Tuo------represent the Great, Smaller, Vajra, 84000 dharani mantra secret dharma.
fo------cause: is Bhiksu Dharmakara's 48 vows.
effect: is dharmadhatu dharmakaya(Truth Body) A--represent the Billiant Bright Essence dharmakaya Embodiment Body. Mi--represent Brilliant Ability/usage. Tuo--represent the combination image of Dharmakaya and it's Abilities. Fo--represent the Ten Virtue Titles of Buddha.

Namo--have ten significants---(1.deep faith. 2.sincere vow. 3.real ability. 4.welcoming. 5.reverence. 6.bow. 7.refuge. 8.returning. 9.beseech. 10.Quickly attain Buddhahood for the sake of all beings in the ten directions. )
A--------------is----------Brilliant Emptiness Gate.
Mi--------------is----------Brilliant Existence Gate.
Tuo--------------is----------Encompassing All gates.
Fo--------------Infinity Life----is Great Nirvana, Diamond Samathi/concentration.

http://www.bonze.com.cn/Article/sss/sss ... /1274.html
(site is taken down) :thinking: :shrug:

"Enlightenment is to turn around and see MY own mistake, Other's mistake is also my mistake. Others are right even if they are wrong. i'm wrong even if i'm right. " - Master Chin Kung

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Re: East and West

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Namo Amitabha the Pureland Buddha

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