Beautifully Animated Amitabha Pureland on Youtube!

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Beautifully Animated Amitabha Pureland on Youtube!

Post by vikas113 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 7:26 am

This is one of the best animated video on Amitabha Pureland. The colors are very vibrant and with very beautiful music pleasant to ears and mind.

Every time I watch this video, My resolve to be born in pureland becomes strong.

Here is the Video Link

Our world is indeed full of dust, filth and suffering. People toil hard in heat and cold enduring abuses, scolding, thinking of thousand worries and anxieties just to earn food to barely fill the stomach not to forget a vast percentage of people and children dying just of hunger and thrust.
The suffering of 3 evil paths in hell, hungry ghost and animal birth is beyond the human suffering and imagination. Even the heavens decay and gods fall away into the 3 evil paths, so how can anything be our refuge?

In the Buddha I take refuge, In the Dhamma I take refuge, In the Sangha I take refuge.

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