Buddha Mantra Drove Away Demonic Entity

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Buddha Mantra Drove Away Demonic Entity

Post by vikas113 » Fri Mar 16, 2018 7:58 am

This might not be directly connected with Pureland but is definitely connected to Buddha and Sutras.

Today, About an hour back I was working on my laptop in my room. Inside the room, my 13 yr old nephew was sleeping as he had a fever. He had covered himself with a blanket. Suddenly, he started screaming and crying calling for help. He said that a big fat man who was wearing a white shirt with blue strips was rolling over his body and crushing him with his weight.

I was terrified and went towards him, I checked if he was dreaming or something. I asked him again and he said the same thing while crying. He was begging to be saved.

I didn't understand what to do and I simply hold his hand and chanted the Medicine Buddha Mantra (Bhaysajya Guru Vaidurya Prabha Raja Buddha Mantra) which is the first mantra came to my mind in the case of ill persons and disturbances from ghosts and demons. After the completion of just one chant, my nephew stopped crying and said that the entity has gone away from the lower side of the bed.

I still failed to understand what exactly the thing was. Later I asked my nephew and he said that the man was huge but had a tiny face compared to the body. He had the same encounter with that man when he was in 3rd grade and was in his village sleeping on the terrace of his house at that time the encounter had made him vomit badly.

This thing shocked me. His village is 1100 km away from my place. I think that fat entity is his karmic creditor from past lives. Still, my mind can't correctly process what exactly the thing was.

I am speaking 100% truth. This is what has happened just one hour back.

This event shown that the sutras which our Buddha has spoken are authentic. We should wholeheartedly believe in Amitabha Buddha and his vows, Medicine Buddha and his vows. Also the dharanis and mantras which the Buddha has spoken are authentic and very powerful, he spoke that to help beings overcome karmic hindrances and be born in front of Buddhas in their pureland.

PS: Don't think that I am making things up. This incident is 100% true. Also I have no intention to divert people from chanting Amitabha Buddha to Medicine Buddha nor I am trying to compare Buddhas. The Dharmakaya of all the Buddhas is same. One Buddha can maifest as kotis of different Buddhas still they all are same. Distinguishing between them would be a foolish thing to do. Please continue chanting 'Namo Amitabha Buddha' or the Buddha you like. This true story I am sharing is to demonstrate the power of Buddha Mantras and their original vows.

Sakyamuni Buddha said that chanting Amitabha Buddha's name is equal to chanting all the Buddhas name of 10 directions. One should not doubt his words.

You can read Medicine Buddha Sutra Here

The version of Mantra was sanskrit and I can't confirm whether it is 100% accurate translation or not.
om namo bhagavate bhai-sa-jya guru vaidu-rya prabha rajaya tathagathaya, arahate samayk-sam buddhaya tadyatha. om bhai-sa-jya bhai-sa-jya maha bhai-sa-jya raja samudgate svaha

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