This Sutra can eradicate evil karma of even 5 henious crimes

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This Sutra can eradicate evil karma of even 5 henious crimes

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I am sharing this auspicious sutra called 'Mahayana Sublime Treasure King Sutra' which is a wonderful sutra on the great compassionate Avalokiteshwara Bodhisattava Mahasattava and how he by using great skillful means constantly rescuses beings even by going into the avici hell.

Voilent flames of avici hell is tranformed into the waters of 8 virtues as soon as the Bodhisattva Mahavasattva Avalokiteshwara enters into it. The door of hell and it's evil torturous instruments get shattered into 1000 pieces and jewelled lotuses as large as cartwheels blossom into the avici hell.

The upholder of this sutra can completely eradicate his karma of 5 evil deeds and be reborn in Amitabha Buddha's pureland in their next life just by merely reading it once.

so please read and share among people so as to benefit beings equally and be born in Tathagatha's pureland.

Namo Amitabha Buddha! Namo Avalokiteshwara Bodhisattva! :bow: :bow: :bow:
The Buddha said to Ananda, “You should carefully hold these words in mind. To hold these words in mind is to hold in mind the name of Amitayus Buddha”

Namo Amitabha Buddha :bow:
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