Chanting Amida's name invariably leads to birth in pureland

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Chanting Amida's name invariably leads to birth in pureland

Post by vikas113 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 3:15 pm

Below is an account from the life of Master Shandao - The great pureland patriarch, who was once debating with another master about the merits and virtues of Amitabha's name recitation.

Here Master Shandao showed a great miracle to the auidence and showed that the Amitabha's 18th great vow is true and not false.

So here it goes...

Once, Master Shandao was debating the virtues of Amitabha-recitation with Master Jingang in Xijing Monastery. Shandao swore an oath:

“If the teaching of the Buddha in various sutras that reciting Amitabha's name once or ten times, for a day or a week, invariably leads to rebirth in the Pure Land is truthful, not deceitful, may the two Buddha images in this hall emit light. If the teaching is false, fails to bring rebirth in the Pure Land or deceives sentient beings, may I immediately fall from this high seat into hell and suffer there eternally.”He then pointed his staff at the images in the hall – which emitted light.

(from Mirror of Amitabha-Recitation, Tang Dynasty)

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

When happy, chant Amida
When sad, chant Amida
When rich, chant Amida
When poor, chant Amida
When young, chant Amida
When old, chant Amida
Dharmas are impermanent just as the Buddha says, don't waste time on impermanent things which are suffering
Chant Amida and be born in the pureland to attain peace.
The Buddha said to Ananda, “You should carefully hold these words in mind. To hold these words in mind is to hold in mind the name of Amitayus Buddha”

Namo Amitabha Buddha :bow:

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