The Story of Lady Yueguo from Anthology of the Land of Bliss (T.1969), 12th century

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The Story of Lady Yueguo from Anthology of the Land of Bliss (T.1969), 12th century

Post by Sentient Light » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:45 pm

After one of the lady's maids has died, Yueguo has a dream of the maid taking to show her the Pure Land, in gratitude for converting the maid to Buddhism:
The lady of the house set off with the maid, and in time, they came to two pools of water, both of which were filled with white lotus blossoms of varying size. Some were glorious. Others were withered or drooping. However, each one was different. Her ladyship said, "Why are they like this?"

To which the maid replied, "They all represent persons of the mundane world who have made the resolution to seek rebirth in the western pure land. With the arousing of the first flicker of thought of the pure land, one's wholesome karmic roots will have already sent forth a sprout. Eventually it will form a single blossom. However, because people's degrees of diligence are not the same, there are differences in the quality of the blossom. For those who are unrelenting in their efforts, the blossom is fresh and resplendent. For those who are sporadic, it is withered. If people continue to practice for a long time without giving up, to the point where their mindfulness becomes stabilized in samadhi and their contemplation reaches fruition, then when their physical bodies perish and their life in the mundane world reaches its end they will be reborn by miraculous transformation in the center of one of these lotus blossoms.
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