Bhaisajye Buddha Twelve Deities Blessing 16-17 Jan 2010

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Bhaisajye Buddha Twelve Deities Blessing 16-17 Jan 2010

Postby phantom59 » Sat Dec 12, 2009 6:45 am

Amitabha Centre will be organizing a “Bhaisajye Buddha Twelve Deities
Blessing Dharma Assembly” between 16th January 2010 to 17th January
2010. This grand Dharma Assembly is to bless the people born in the
respective years of 12 Chinese Ancient Zodiacs according to the
Chinese Lunar Calendar.The cost of bringing this holy event to
everyone is very hefty. Hence those who generously support this event
to make it possible and successful will be blessed by Buddhas,
Bodhisattvas and the Devas. As it is the generous sponsorship that
make this noble event possible. “Bhaisajye Buddha Twelve Deities
Blessing Dharma Assembly”, with this unusually tremendous merit, he
will be able to discard the bad karma of the past and gain great
blessings as this event will help countless people to approach Dharma.
We appreciate your consideration of joining us to make this Dharma
Assembly possible and successful. Sadhu!

For further details of the Dharma Ceremony, kindly log on to ... 10_eng.pdf
关于更详尽的法会内容,请游览至 ... an2010.pdf

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