Jodo Shinshu vs. Theravada

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Re: Jodo Shinshu vs. Theravada

Post by Son of Buddha » Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:37 pm

rory wrote:Son of Buddha;
Are you unaware that Honen was ordained trained and educated in Tendai on Mt. Hiei for many years of his life, so too was Shinran, when they left they were still priests who had been properly trained, they had a full buddhist education and that was my point. Found a new group if you wish but get the proper training. Amida trust ordains priests and monks/nuns without any kind of lineage. That's not good.
O yes they were ordained and trained,but their trainers did not say they were ready to by abbots and starts their own temples, nobody gave them permission to do what they did.....essentially
They left their Sanghas as excommunicated Monks and started sects against the wishes or their ordainers and trainers.

One could easilly say they were not ready to lead or be abbots if they were then the Tendai abbot who ordained them would have gave them permission to teach and head a school.

when Honen and Shinran were stripped of their ordained monk status they still continued to ordain and grow their Sanghas.

As of right now Amida Trust self ordains their priests (im not sure of the time it takes to become ordained)

Jodo Shinshu also ordains there priests and Jodo Shinshus lineages comes from an EXcomunicated monk who was not permitted to teach.....

Also if Amida Trust people want to be ordained as Jodo Shinshu priests then go to japan and take the 14 day course for initial ordination.

Peace and Love to you Rory
Also I LOVED that website you sent on the Mala thread.they had the mkst beautiful malas/juzus for a a great price.

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Re: Jodo Shinshu vs. Theravada

Post by rory » Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:13 am

My friend I agree peace to you:) and I am very happy the mala website pleased you Son of Buddha,what kind did you get? for everyone else, we both recommend this ebay store,lotusmind369, that sells gemstone malas from China at super prices from $24.00 and up, they are swift and reliable. ... 34.c0.m322
with gassho
Namu Kanzeon Bosatsu
The Tai-ching states "the women in the realms of Mara, Sakra and Brahma all neither abandoned ( their old) bodies nor received (new) bodies. They all received buddhahood with their current bodies (genshin)" Thus these verses state that the dharma nature is like a great ocean. No right or wrong is preached (within it) Ordinary people and sages are equal, without superiority or inferiority
Paul, Groner "The Lotus Sutra in Japanese Culture"eds. Tanabe p. 58

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Re: Jodo Shinshu vs. Theravada

Post by janpeterotto » Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:43 am

Arjan Dirkse wrote:
Does it really matter if these teachings were revealed by the historical Buddha or invented by people working to follow his example, and elaborating on the his original work, hundreds of years later? In the end, what matters to me is how true the teachings ring for me in the present moment.

I totally agree with you there !! "Boundless compassion in the present moment", as Al Bloom said to me once when driving too fast on the Pali Highway.

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