Buddha sculpted in Iron Age Norway

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Re: Buddha sculpted in Iron Age Norway

Post by untxi » Tue Nov 05, 2013 7:26 pm

I'm sorry to *that guy*-- but why is this the image of the Buddha? I mean beyond those with a connection to the Buddha seeing a Buddha? The "swastika" is not that complex of a motif that it couldn't have developed separate from Indus valley culture. Square spiral crosses are present in forms of Celtic knot work. The figure is also grabbing his feet with his hands and is looking downwards or with shut eyes. Also not particularly reminiscent of the seated Buddha in meditation. I personally ascribe to the theory, largely established from anthropological and archaelogical evidence, that there was a huge amount of cultural contact across large geographic areas. If that's the case, the exposure to and borrowing of cultural motifs is probably a norm. If these are "Buddhistisic" symbols, it's possible they have been incorporated into the host culture in nontraditional ways, and as such this represents not the Buddha but something that the image of the Buddha evoked in the host culture.

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