Chod chanting by Kunze Chimed

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Chod chanting by Kunze Chimed

Post by adya » Sat Oct 18, 2014 3:52 pm

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Posted by blessing dakini on YouTube:

Chod ( Cutting-off Ego)
Text sutra -Dedicating the illusory body to accumulate merit.
This practice composed by Gyalwa Ensapa and his spiritual heirs, and Panchen Lobsang Choegyan, the accomplished meditator Lobsang Namgyal and transmitted in an unbroken lineage until now, and put in to verses by Kyabje Phabongka Dechen Nyingpo for easy in singing the tune.
His Holiness, the 9th Khalka Jetsun Dampa Jampal Namdrol Choekyi Gyaltsan. In general, His Holiness graciously gaves teachings of Sutra and Tantra traditions to people from around the world who seek in out, including those who take interest in Buddhism and devotees, both monastic's and lay people. In particular, he transmits the teachings of the Ear-Whispere hundred and sixty million tantras of the highest Yoga Mother Tantra qualifying the fourfold means of authentication. Specifically, His Holiness bestows the initiations. Oral transmissions and guiding instructions of the two traditions f Chod: The Ear-whispered of Gaden and the Ear whispered lineage of Dakinis.

Kunze Chimed is one of the close studend of Khalka Jetsun Dampa. She received many teachings by him and learned specially chod melody and tune of Vajrayogini and Dakini lineage. She studied sutra and tantra traditions and heading chant at His Holiness Khalka rinpoche's Labrang in Dharamsala. This video is her second Buddhist performance, and singing Chod with a classical music with her 5th new chod album in Mongolia.
The recording the musical songs of Chod for the dedicate to a late guru Khalka Jetsun Dampa and for long healthy life and the fulfillment of their noble wishes H.H the Dalai lama.May through their blessings the spiritual well-being and liberation of all sentient beings, including their followers and disciples, be accomplished.

Music composed by Kh.Altangerel

Main musical idea by Oleg Troyanovsky.

contact email:
We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams. Arthur O'Shaughnessy

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