Heart of the Yogi: an upcoming movie

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Heart of the Yogi: an upcoming movie

Post by Luke » Sun Dec 19, 2010 6:29 pm

"This is a rough teaser for the upcoming film "Heart of the Yogi" directed by John Allen Gibel.
The film documents the lives of the hermit Yogis of Lapchi, the remote location where the legendary mystic Milarepa attained enlightenment. The Yogis of the Drikung Kagyu order of Tibetan Buddhism share their stories of how they came to practice the traditional retreat at Lapchi.
Translations by Erick Sherab Zangpo. Co-direction by Elina Malkin"

phpBB [video]

This looks like it will be a pretty cool documentary, but I think the music is a little over the top.

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