Shingon in San Jose area California

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Shingon in San Jose area California

Postby coldwater » Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:09 am

For those interested in Shingon training in America...

A newly formed extension of Eimei Kawakami's teaching and his Japan temple- Kunimiyama Daikoku-ji. From the website it seems like Kawakami-san makes visits in addition to this groups regular activities. I have yet to meet with the priest leading the America group...but I hear he is enthusiastic about spreading esoteric Buddhism in the bay area.

They offer a variety of Mikkyo training and a temporary tokudo in addition to the life long priest ordination.

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Re: Shingon in San Jose area California

Postby LynyrdSkynyrd » Mon May 05, 2014 3:54 pm

This is a fringe group, not recognized by the shingon establishment. One that also ordains people without training, including children and claims people are posessed by monkey demons.

The master is now dead too. I know the California guy. Hes jut a businessman sent by the late master to propogate. Nice guy, but I wouldn't call this actual shingon. Neither would any recognized shingon sect.

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