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Post by Seiho » Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:57 pm

Hi Jikan!

A Hoodie Monk is somebody who's mission it is to bring Buddhism to the younger generation. It was set-up by Gomyo, a true Shingon Adjari who trained in Koyasan and lives in Japan to bring Buddhists teachings to them by means of extremely clever hip-hop music and street-art. He is very successful with it, and with the rest of the Hoodie Monks Sangha, have reached the hearts of many youngsters that might have been in trouble if it wasn't for them. You can follow them on Facebook here:
We are privileged to be Gomyo's students on our Shingon path!

A Lightship is a Lighthouse on a ship. They were built to be close to sandbanks to warn ships about these hazards.
The ship is very symbolic for what we do: it's bringing people home to their own soul, and illuminates the path forward in their lives.
We restored and converted one of these magnificent ships for 3 years, and are now permanently moored in the most inland port in the UK.

Hope that helps!


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