Shingonji Temple Project in California

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Shingonji Temple Project in California

Post by tktru » Thu Jul 28, 2011 9:11 pm

Hello everyone, perhaps this does not conform to forum rules in DharmaWheel, but I'd like to introduce to those interested in esoteric Buddhism a new temple project started in California. We are hoping to establish a new training center in the United States:
The purpose of Shingonji is to provide guidance and instruction in the dharmic path of Esoteric Buddhism, as well as to provide a place where people can form a community and strive to achieve Buddhahood in this lifetime for not just oneself, but for all sentient beings. Shingonji is committed to creating an atmosphere that is open and freely accessible while maintaining a well-balanced spiritual practice for students.
More information about our project can be found here." onclick=";return false;

Also 'like' us on Facebook: ... 5356445956" onclick=";return false;

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