Hi everyone!

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Hi everyone!

Postby hernandez.amie » Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:12 pm

Hi everyone!

I recently became interested in Buddhism, particularly Zen Buddhism.

I've bought a few books:
- Buddhism Plain & Simple
- The Teachings of the Buddha
- Siddhartha

I live in Miami, FL and we have a few Buddhist temples around here, and I'm actually going with a friend of mine to a local temple to take an introductory course to Zen living.

Is there anything you all recommend to read or do?
I come from a very Christian background, so everything is all very new to me.


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Re: Hi everyone!

Postby DGA » Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:54 pm

Hi, Welcome to the board.

Keep an open mind and a positive attitude. Be willing to try. You can't miss.


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Re: Hi everyone!

Postby lobster » Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:59 pm

There is lots on Buddhism and Chritianity eg.

You will no doubt come across ex-Christians or practicing Christians learning meditation as a way into Christ.

hello :smile:
And good luck

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