Where can I find the teachings of Deshan Xuanjian?

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Where can I find the teachings of Deshan Xuanjian?

Post by Dgj » Sat Nov 19, 2016 9:15 pm

Also written as "Te-shan Hsuan-chien" and in Japanese as "Tokusan Senkan".

I have looked but cannot find anything other than some random references. Is there a book in which they are collected?

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Re: Where can I find the teachings of Deshan Xuanjian?

Post by Dgj » Sun Nov 20, 2016 2:01 am

Also, is this the same "Tokusan" as in several koans, for example case 28 of The Gateless Gate "Ryutan's Candle".

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Re: Where can I find the teachings of Deshan Xuanjian?

Post by crazy-man » Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:18 pm

Te Shan (Deshan Xuanjian, Hsuan-chien, Tokusan Senkan) was a Dharma-heir of Longtan Chongxin. He gave transmission to Yantou Quanho and Xuefeng as well as being considered the spiritual grandfather for Wen-yen (Ummon). Famous for "Thirty blows if yes, thirty blows if no." He appears in Blue Cliff Records 4, Records of Silence 14, 22, 46, 55, and Gateless Gate 13 and 28. He appears in the Sayings and Doings of Dongshan (Dongshan yulu) 37, 54, 56, 83. Previously a lecturer on the Diamond Sutra. See Dogen's Shinfukatoku.
http://www.angelfire.com/electronic/awa ... an.html#N1
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Master Tozan Gohon of Inshu (published in 1761, compiled by Shigetsu Ein)

T1986B Jui-chou Tung-shan Linag-chieh ch’an-shih yu-lu (The
Record of the Zen Master Tung-shan Liang-chieh of Jui-chou, published in 1630, compiled by
Yu-feng Yuan-hsin and Kuo Ning-chih) (Tozan goroku) (Powell Eng.tr)

T2003 Fo-kuo Yuan-wu Ch’an-shih Pi-yen lu (The Blue Cliff Record
of the Zen Master Fo-kuo Yuan-wu) (Hekiganroku) (NS1 – JC Cleary) (Cleary & Cleary

T2076 Ching-te ch’uan-teng lu (Keitoku Dentoroku) (The Ching-te [Era]
Record of the Transmission of the Lamp by Tao-yuan ) (Ogata, Luk partial Eng.tr)
T47n1986(A): Yun zhou dong shan wu ben chan shi yu ben
eng: complete
translated by: Powell, William F.
The Record of Tung-Shan
University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, 1986. A Kuroda Institute "Classics in East Asian Buddhism" volume. The translated material is available at http://www.empty-universe.com/zen/tozan.htm (June 2007), while the book form includes an introduction and annotation.

T48n2003: Fo guo huan wu chan shi bi yan lu
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The Blue Cliff Record
Berkeley: Numata Center for Buddhist Translation and Research, 1998. 453 pp. Also Boston: Shambala, 2005. 648 pp.
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Bi-Yän-Lu: Aufzeichnungen des Meisters vom Blauen Fels
München: Kösel, 1999.
deu: partial 1
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Die Grosse Koan Sammlung
Frankfurt, Ankor 2001. Vol.1, pp. 87-187. Translates only Koans, not the explanations.
deu: partial 2
translated by: Lengsfeld, Peter
Yamada Koun Roshi - Die Niederschrift vom Blauen Fels - Hekiganroku
München: Kösel, 2002. Yamada's Teishos regarding the Hekiganroku.

T51n2076: Jingde chuan deng lu
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translated by: Chang, Chung-yuan
The Original Teachings of Chan Buddhism: Selections From the Transmission of the Lamp
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eng: partial 2 (juan 1–10 (=first third))
translated by: Ogata, Sohaka
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Translated is about one thrid of the whole text. Several dialogues were selected from each chapter.
deu: partial 2 (Ch. 28: 437c17–449a5)
translated by: Wittern, Christian
In: Das Yulu des Chan-Buddhismus – Die Entwicklung vom 8.bis zum 11. Jahrhundert
New York: Peter Lang, 1998. pp. 161–346.

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Re: Where can I find the teachings of Deshan Xuanjian?

Post by Dgj » Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:17 pm

Thank you!

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