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White Lotus
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Return to Reality

Post by White Lotus » Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:26 pm

die completely spiritually. become like ashes, or dead wood... then seeing and yet blind, conscious and yet unconscious. consciously unconscious. this is with the help of Lord Yama.

after a while reality emerges and objects can be seen once again and focused upon. without a knowledge of prajna this wont be seen. the frog has emerged onto the lotus leaf and is free to gobble flies.

reality when seen is nameless and wordless. words dont touch it. not 'empty', nor '1'. reality is known intuitively without words. youve always known it, except when when you journeyed through the world of neither real nor unreal or before that emptiness.

[it may be a while before i can reply to this post... ribit!]

in any matters of importance. dont rely on me. i may not know what i am talking about. take what i say as mere speculation. i am not ordained. nor do i have a formal training. i do believe though that if i am wrong on any point. there are those on this site who i hope will quickly point out my mistakes.

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