Yun Men Master, Guo Gu Roshi, a simple question:

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Re: Yun Men Master, Guo Gu Roshi, a simple question:

Post by bokki » Tue Oct 02, 2018 8:44 pm

i would like to thank you all, thinking about this or taking it up shows a lot of care as to the words of old masters, like Yunmen, and a respect for Guo Gu Roshis bringing it up.
Is it really just an effort from master Yunmen to change the monks view as to the god like image of buddha? or to even , make a distinction between a everything is a buddha, and the teachings are the buddha..?
i am well aware that respected masters said that chewing on sayings, is like being doused by a bucket of puss...
so, why are they used?
why are they brought up, questioned and finally taken to the dokusan room, to answer this koan to the teacher?

so, im sorry, if one would be called to sanzen, with a roshi, would one say, ... buddha is a shitstick
buddha is a dry turd?
or, Yunmen is only liberating a monk from attachments?

well, im not sure those answers would suffice.
imo, if one does embody the buddha in action, he may just as well spill a few words that show it.
so, probably, Yunmen still remains a mystery, lol, just as 3 pounds of flax, but then, imo, thats just the way it is.
thank you again, friends, ..
hey, and finally,
maybe Guo Gu R could ask a few more questions as to show the direction this koan has,
that would be a present.

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