Sutra chanting

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Sutra chanting

Post by kihara » Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:01 pm

Dear brothers and sisters in Dharma :namaste:

Would anyone be kind enough to give me some structure to some everyday morning and evening chanting?
Although not the most zen associated practice it's still part of it. In both Nichiren, Pure land and other Japanese schools of buddhism there are usually chanting practices a lay person can or should do at home. Now, I don't have a sangha neadby where I can learn the order of recitation. Sure, there are lots of resources out on the net but they typically don't give directions.


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Nicholas Weeks
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Re: Sutra chanting

Post by Nicholas Weeks » Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:06 pm

Here is a daily monastic schedule, with both audio & text:" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Sutra chanting

Post by kihara » Wed Oct 26, 2011 12:36 pm

Thank you Will for that resource, many thanks :namaste:

I have collected a few online resources for anyone interested.
There is surely much more to add so feel free to add your own chanting resources.

Korean Tradition

Kwan Um
[Both Audio & Text Material] ... /chanting/
Gives no real directions but is in both English and transcribed Korean

Japanese Tradition

Soto School

Anchorage Zen Community
[Text Material Only] ... d-practice
Gives directions for morning chanting amongst others

Seattle Soto Zen
[Text Material Only]
Some varied prayers and texts as well as standard zen chants

Houston Zen Center
[Audio material only]
Not much to give in relation to chants but nice to listen to.

Rinzai School

Mt Baldy Zen Center
[Text Material Only]
Gives no directions, all in transcribed japanese

Blending Traditions

Rochester zen Center, Kapleau tradition
[Both Audio & Text Material]
Gives no directions

Vermont Zen Center, Kapleau Tradition
[Text Material Only]
Gives directions for morning and evening services amongst others.
My main source for chanting practice

Zen Community of Oregon, Great Vow Zen Monastery
[Both Audio & Text Material]
Some audio and complete chant book. Has various other points of interest like Teishos , movies and other stuff

Diamond sangha, Aitken Tradition
[Text Material Only] ... ecepts.htm
No directions, standard zen texts plus some Theravada influences

Boundless way Zen
[Text Material Only]
Rather detailed chant book with notes on instrument accompaniment. No directions concerning service order

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