No Authorisation for Lama Jinpa to give Chod Empowerment

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No Authorisation for Lama Jinpa to give Chod Empowerment

Post by claritee » Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:32 pm

With the best intention and for people to make informed and considered choices we thought that everyone connected with the planned Tsewong Rinpoche visit this May/June would appreciate the latest update since Tsewong Rinpoche has returned to America. We have been in contact with the President of Sang Ngak (Rinpoche’s organisation in California) Sarah Hylton, who asked Rinpoche our question about whether he gave Lama Jinpa the authorisation to give the Chod Empowerment, the Opening of the Sky Door. We felt it was important to have clarity on this for the people who took this empowerment and are practicing the Pegyal Lingpa Concise Chod practice.
Sarah’s response was response was :

“I just spoke with Rinpoche and Lama Pema and they wanted all students to know that the curriculum for the Tibetan Healing Chod was never developed or authorized by them. The recordings of the live teachings and transmissions were to be used for the students who participated in the live teachings and had received the wang and lung personally. Rinpoche never authorized the reproduction of these teachings to be used in online transmission and training programs. Asa did not follow through with many of Rinpoche's requests. Rinpoche did not authorize Mr. Hershoff to give transmission for any practice….In 2012, Rinpoche made it very clear that he would not be teaching with Asa Hershoff after the Bhutan trip of 2013. At this time he also asked that I be placed as President of Sang Ngak Chokor Ling which Asa ignored.”

A ‘Cease and Desist’ process has also been placed on Lama Jinpa by Sang Ngak to remove any connection between the two.

We wish everyone caught up in this the sincerest best wishes yet hopefully now there is clarity about this and we can all move on.

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Re: No Authorisation for Lama Jinpa to give Chod Empowerment

Post by DGA » Sat Oct 19, 2013 12:45 am

Thank you for this clarification. Please see the following announcement to understand why I'm closing this thread.


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