Difference between wooden and skull Damarus?

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Re: Difference between wooden and skull Damarus?

Post by Terma » Fri Nov 11, 2011 9:02 pm

Kalagni wrote:Another recommendation for Damaruworks here
I'll second that (or third???) :tongue:

Jinpa is trying to help preserve this tradition, and one way is to try to have these implements made in the traditional way as it is written on some of the texts. I feel that he is more concerned with trying to allow practitioners to have access to the most authentic implements to use while practicing. Speaking first hand, the quality is very good and I can almost sense the care that went into making these items.



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Re: Difference between wooden and skull Damarus?

Post by JinpaRangdrol » Fri Dec 16, 2011 8:09 pm

I completely agree that Damaruworks is a fantastic source of Chod implements, and Lama Jinpa is extremely knowledgeable and concerned with authenticity. He sells better Damarus than I've seen a lot of Tibetans with. They are really quite wonderful, though his marketplace attitude has always turned me off.
A Khenpo friend of mine once talked about a super-auspicious Chodda made from many skulls fused together, but I have never seen a reference to such a thing, nor heard of it from anybody else. But then again, he is a Khenpo, so it's possible. In general, though, Sengdeng/Acacia wood is the traditional material from which a Chodda is made.
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