Tsewang Sitar Rinpoche Chod and Bardo Teachings from Jun11

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Tsewang Sitar Rinpoche Chod and Bardo Teachings from Jun11

Post by phantom59 » Fri Jun 03, 2011 6:16 pm

Event : Tsewang Sitar Rinpoche Chod and Bardo Teachings
Date : June 11 2011 till March 4 2012
Venues : San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City
Website : http://www.tibetanchod.com/events/north-america/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Programme :

Module 1: Entering the Mandala
Venue : San Francisco at Acupuncture and Integrated Medicine College
Date : June 11-13

Module 1 is a comprehensive entry leading towards mastery of the art of Chöd, suitable for beginners or those from any and all traditions who want all the missing pieces put together. Module 1 is also the requisite for the advanced trainings and teachings in Module 1-6 and beyond.Tsewong Sitar Rinpoche will bestow all empowerments and transmissions, aided by Lama Pema Tenzin, with precise and vibrant teachings by Lama Jinpa. The weekend involves over 200 slides and copious handouts, learning five essential Chöd practices and a full day performing Chöd together in power spots around Los Angeles.Acupuncture and Integrated Medicine College Situated right in downtown Berkeley, there is ample parking and eateries. And a good jumping off point for our Wild Chod adventures on Monday at some of the best cemetery locations in the country. http://www.aimc.edu" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;. Contact us for admission application, logistics, directions and the rest!

Venue : Los Angeles at Temescal Gateway Park
Module 1: Entering the Mandala
Date : July 9-11

Module 1 will take place in LA for the second time, providing a comprehensive basis to practice Chod intelligently and confidently.
Temescal Gateway Park is Located off Sunset Boulevard and close to the Pacific Ocean, this beautiful forest land is the perfect place for studying thethe art, spiritual science and blessing stream of Chöd.

Event : Teaching on Bardo After Death Healing:
Date : July 15-17
Venue : Los Angeles at Narayan Mandir

The very rare training in NyeDren guiding others safely through the after-death journey. PeGyal Lingpa’s ShiTro practices rely on Red Vajrasattva and are extremely concise and elegant. There will be a Friday empowerment, with training on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday afternoon, the larger public will be bring photos and mementos of their departed ones, giving participants a chance to put their training into immediate action.

Narayan Mandir
The Los Angeles Bardo training under open air canopies in a peaceful private setting above Hollywood Hills. Sunday afternoon will open to guests who wish to bring tokens of their departed loved ones, to participate in the after death guidance process.

Venue : New York City at Tibet House
Event : Module 1 : Entering the Mandala
Date : Aug 13-15
Event : Bardo The After Death Healing:
Date : Aug 19-21

The School of Tibetan Chö finally comes East! This will be the beginning of a continuing training schedule in New York City, which will occur twice a year, mirroring the West Coast schedule. Two days of comprehensive training will be followed by a day of Wild Chö around New York City and environs.PeGyal Lingpa’s ShiTro practices of leading the deceased towards a positive rebirth or liberation altogether.

Tibet House
This venerable site in New York is the perfect venue for offering the above trainings for all West Coast practitioners of all lineages and orientation, to bring tremendous benefit to all sentient beings. http://www.tibethouse.us/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Venue : Los Angeles:
Date : March 2-4, 2012
Open Module: The Healing Practices

Due to extraordinary circumstances, we are temporarily skipping over Modules 2-4 and opening up Module 5, the Chöd Healing Practices, to all qualified practitioners.The four rituals we will learn are the core healing rituals used universally by Chödpas of all lineages: Kagyu, Nyingtik, Dudjom, Do Khyentse and so on. They are addendum that are added on to any Chöd feast or daily practice. An ideal method of healing others, these methods are also excellent for one’s own practice or retreat. Cutting to the roots of illness, these practices address a broad spectrum of disease causation: karma, demonic influences, elemental imbalance and so on.

Prerequisite for taking this 3-day training is Module 1, or long term involvement in any Chod lineage (Kagyu, Nyingma, Gelugpa, Bön), to be individually assessed on application to the school. We will use a brief daily Chod (PeGyal Lingpa’s Concise Chöd or Kusali Tsok of Jigmé Lingpa as the “envelope” for learning these rituals. Tsewong Rinpoche will offer explanation, aided by Lama Jinpa’s clear translations, slides and diagrams. The first ever translation of these texts will be available as a hard bound book.
For more information on Module 5 Goto : http://www.tibetanchod.com/curicullum/module-5/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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