Lama Jinpa's Chod Gallery

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Lama Jinpa's Chod Gallery

Post by phantom59 » Fri Jun 17, 2011 5:45 pm

Chod In Bhutan ... 6040149138" onclick=";return false;

Bhutan 2010 ... 7759633362" onclick=";return false;

Bhutan 2009 ... 3824418434" onclick=";return false;

Nepal 2009 ... 2202067826" onclick=";return false;

San Francisco 2008 ... 8601593218" onclick=";return false;

Los Angeles 2008 ... 7779317042" onclick=";return false;

Nepal 08 ... 7024868274" onclick=";return false;

MaChik ... 9184365970" onclick=";return false;

Phadampa ... 5064718818" onclick=";return false;

Lineage Masters ... 1671625826" onclick=";return false;

Troma ... 2348428658" onclick=";return false;

Chöd Protectors ... 4730127858" onclick=";return false;

Contemporary Chöd Masters ... 5825420850" onclick=";return false;

Drums of May ... 4457246146" onclick=";return false;

Drums of December ... 7122770210" onclick=";return false;

Damaru Art ... 9541939026" onclick=";return false;

Wood Kanglings ... 2010841106" onclick=";return false;

Chod Accesories ... 3976745666" onclick=";return false;

Lama Jinpa had been “bitten by the Chö bug” in 1980, when he heard Lama Namse perform this, while living at his dharma center in Toronto. Chod is a part of the dialy routine of 3-year retreat, and this deepened the connection and love for the practice. After his retreat, however, he avoided any specific dharma groups for over a decade, simply preserving his own inner work. But in 2004 he meet Kunzang Dechen Lingpa, and saving his life from a serious heart condition, began a three-year journey to help set up healing Chod rituals all over the country. Jinpa played “in the band” with the monks and nuns, journeying to Assam and Arunachel Pradesh on two ocassions. Currently he is authoring a number of Chöd realted books, including the definitive guide, Chöd: Cutting Through to Freedom, for Snow Lion, in order to spreading and preserve these traditions in an accurate and holistic way.

Lama Jigmé Jinpa (Dr Asa Hershoff) is an ordained Ngakpa (white-robed Tantric Practitioner) of both the Kagyu and Nyingmapa lineages. He first took refuge with His Holiness the 16th Karmapa in 1980. In the same year, he met Kalu Rinpoche while on a pilgrimage to India, which eventually led to his undertaking the traditional lama training—the 3-year 3-month meditation retreat—from 1986-89. A seasoned chöpa, he has practiced Vajrayana for over 30 years." onclick=";return false;

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