Hair splitting & loopholes in the dharma

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Hair splitting & loopholes in the dharma

Post by shaunc » Tue Jul 16, 2013 11:45 am

Something that I've noticed going on a bit here lately is people hair-splitting & looking for loopholes in the dharma. There was a thread not too long ago where a guy asked whether it would be ok & not against the 3rd precept to feel up his mates girlfriend. There's 2 other threads going at the moment, 1 regarding grass & the other concerning booze. What a persons particular opinion is doesn't really matter, opinions are like arseholes, everyone's got one. This forum concerns Buddhism & dharma. Many people on here are trying to learn & giving your personal opinion isn't what they're after, they're asking what the Buddha taught. Another thread on here recently concerned card playing, this is one I could split hairs on if I wanted to. While I don't play cards, I do bet on racehorses & greyhounds on a semi- regular basis. If I wanted to be a smartie I could say the Buddha never advised against betting the horses & dogs. I do have a personal opinion on this, it's probably because it didn't go on too much 2500 years ago in India. Many of these things are covered by the 5 precepts & the noble 8 fold path. As a lay buddhist that's all I'm expected to observe, a monk has more than 200 precepts to observe. What a person does in their personal life is their business, but please don't try to pass it off as dharma compatible when it clearly isn't.
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Re: Hair splitting & loopholes in the dharma

Post by Ramon1920 » Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:27 am

Amazing! Someone here has their head on straight!

As a side note, I recall a sutta concerning gambling.

Several people here and elsewhere are trying to pass off their own personal opinion as Dharma because they have no respect for the Buddha.

When the only Dharma you know is the personal ramblings of self absorbed gurus, it's easy to think rambling has some credibility in Buddhism.

Maybe I should start a blog rating Buddhist books by their level of rambling. :coffee:

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