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Re: At a crossroads in practice

Post by Jainarayan » Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:39 pm

Just an update and a thanks to everyone for their input. I'm making a crossover post at another site, not to spam the internet, but I know some people cross sites and will see this. I'm kind of speaking to a wide audience.

It's just about a month that I've adopted Amitābha Pure Land practice, which I couldn't be happier with. There's a simplicity (despite my over-thinking, I do like simplicity :tongue: ) and a warm comforting feeling in it. My practice consists simply of nianfo/nembutsu, and reciting from this ... na-DF2.pdf, with a few extra prayers and embellishments. I recite some dhāraṇīs, mantras and slokas to buddhas, bodhisattvas and some of the Hindu deities who have meaning to me, and also have crossover into Buddhism: Saraswati, Ganesha, etc., but I don't overdo it or get hung up on it or any rituals. I try to be mindful of Amitābha Buddha and what it means to go to Sukhāvatī. I don't necessarily make daily offerings at my altar, but I recite from the sadhana a few times a day, and do nianfo as often as I can. As importantly, I'm not having a problem abandoning Hindu cosmology such as a creation of the world, jīvātman, and such. Someone told me that abandoning rituals, how I now view myself and accept the Buddha's teachings is sotāpanna. In light of the Three Fetters, they came in the order self-view, which I always had ("I am not the body"); clinging to rites and rituals, which was easier than I thought to eliminate; skeptical doubt, coming about as I learn more about the Buddha and his teaching, because it "feels" right. :smile:
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