Temple & Teacher questions.

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Temple & Teacher questions.

Post by lostintranslation » Mon Dec 09, 2013 6:11 pm

I am new to these forums and new to buddhism. I am out in Bakersfield, CA and looking for a temple and a teacher to visit to further progress my practice and knowledge of Buddhism.

I have found a Korean Seon Temple nearby in Tehachapi, CA by the name of Mountain Spirit Center. It was started by Mu Ryang Sunim (Erik Berall). Not too sure on the current abbot, due to Mu Ryang moving to Hawaii. Now my question is the authenticity of the teacher. On the few articles I have found about him, it states he was Seung Sahn's student until 2006. Forgive me if I am incorrect, but, didn't Seung Sahn pass away in 2004? How could somebody be considered a student for 2 years after his teachers passing? I am confused in where my practice stands following Seon buddhism and I just want clarification on where I can go/what I can do. Also, if any of you here have any information on the current Abbot or anything to say about the temple, please, jump in the conversation.

I appreciate the time anybody takes to read through and respond to this.

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