Nirvana, Buddhahood, and Enlightenment

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Re: Nirvana, Buddhahood, and Enlightenment

Post by JamyangTashi » Sun Feb 23, 2014 9:00 pm

Zhen Li wrote: If you're interested in the 10 levels, the Wikipedia article is getting pretty good, and would be a thorough exposition:
Thank you for your patience and informative replies.

This last answer brings to mind another question:

Is there a generally accepted correspondence between the 10 Bodhisattva Bhūmi and the Four stages of enlightenment? You mentioned that a Foe-Destroyer who took the Awakening Hero vow would enter onto the 8th Bhūmi. Is there a similar correspondence for the other three stages?

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Re: Nirvana, Buddhahood, and Enlightenment

Post by Zhen Li » Sun Feb 23, 2014 9:37 pm

Well, the 4 stages have 2 aspects on each stage: path and fruit. When you are practising the path, you are still practising for the attainment of the fruit, which are are bound to realise in the same life. Someone who is on the 2nd Bhumi is roughly equivalent to someone at a certain point on the Path of the Foe-Destroyer - they have destroyed all the defilements, but what lies between the point in the path where they are, and the fruit, is knowledge and realisation. The difference between the 2nd to 8th Bhumis is all knowledge and realization based, since defilements are left behind at the 2nd Bhumi. As for the other three, they'd all fall under the 1st Bhumi, since by the 1st Bhumi you have already realised emptiness, which is roughly speaking the elimination of "identity view" that the Stream-Enterer has eliminated. But it's important to remember that they're not identical, there are differences in quality between all these because the motivation is different, there are many realisations that must take place if one is transitioning from a Foe-Destroyer to an Awakening Hero, realisations particular to the path of the Awakening Hero.

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