Demonic Possession in Buddhism

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Re: Demonic Possession in Buddhism

Post by cjdevries » Sat Oct 29, 2016 12:40 am

We had this issue in our family and consulted several Buddhist teachers (probably about 6 different teachers) to try to heal this family member. Each teacher had a different perspective. The Sengdongma practice was very helpful as a daily practice. However, the most effective help actually came from outside the Buddhist tradition from an energy healer who had 25 years of experience with these kinds of issues. So I think it is important to stay open to different traditions, especially in serious cases. From reading Milarepa's bio and talking with a few teachers, I understand that any spirit issues are not "real" from an absolute sense, but (I think) they are from a relative one. I had a qigong teacher who explained to me that from their tradition's perspective, karmic creditors were treated as "real" and could cause illness; then from an absolute sense they were an illusion (just a play of cause and effect, yin and yang).

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Re: Demonic Possession in Buddhism

Post by kirtu » Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:16 am

Nosta wrote:Hi!
I would like to ask some things about demonic possession in buddhism:
2) How is performed a ritual for expulse the demon? Who can do that?

3) As a normal person (i mean, a person that is not a master or a monk), what can i do to protect myself from demons or even to make them flew away from my life?
If it is a "normal" thing, then Green Tara and Vajrasattva (but esp. Green Tara). But this only applies if you are practicing Vajrayana in some form.
4) Could it be possible that doing nienfo/amitabha recitations protects me from demons?
Yes. But in some cases people from the Pure Land traditions do not find it sufficient. I'm not sure why. So-called demonic manifestations are karmic arisings based on some negativity. Eliminate the negativity and the phenomena dissipates. However this could be a karmic arising that has sort of "deep roots". This kind of thing is not inoften shared by family members. So it can be complex.

My family, for example, almost certainly has these manifestations. Well, there is also a great deal of trauma from this life. So, for example, strong dreams used to arise and were sometimes shared. In my case these dream manifestations would come and go (and had a real basis in various negativity). So during one dream Vajrasattva appeared to me in the middle of it and told me to recite mantra. This was when I was not quite a Vajrayana practitioner but had had some exposure to the tradition. I followed this advice and it worked. But I also had to purify negativity, esp. related to anger and fear by creating more positive roots (the six perfections and raising Bodhisattva intention mostly).

Interestingly there is a reference to demonic influences in one of my practices and related to Vajrasattva meditation. I didn't expect such a thing (the practice isn't Chod, for example) so it shows that the problem is recognized.

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Re: Demonic Possession in Buddhism

Post by Nosta » Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:52 pm

Thanks for your answers Kirtu (and all of you so far!).

Kirtu, speaking on dreams & Vajrasattva, once I had a strange dream where I saw a manifestation of him/her in a female form. I was in a forest and he (or she in my case) was a old woman, very wise, but with a angry face (now that I think, perhaps kind of a "wrathful deity"). I think that the deity was angry with me and (now I am confused, I dont remember well): 1) or she demanded me to recite some words like "Vajravajavra" or maybe "Vajravasatva", etc OR 2) she didnt demand me nothing in the dream, only said her name, and her name was one of these words (Vajravajavra, etc). Never got the meaning of the dream, perhaps there is no one, only a sort of random toughts in a sleepy mind.

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