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World mandala map

Post by Aemilius » Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:29 pm

Recently I came across another footnote of Etienne Lamotte, ( in Shuramgamasamadhi sutra), there he says that beyond Uttara Kuru there is another continent called Uttara Mantrina. What is this Uttara Mantrina ?
As we have explained before Jambudvipa is Indian subcontinent. Long ago when this Mandala map was formed Jambudvipa/India was an independent continent, and that is a really long time ago.
At the centre of the Mandala map is the Earth's axis, but it is the otherway round, i.e. in its centre is Antarctica. It is also the Mount Meru.
Opposite India/Jambudvipa is South America/Uttara Kuru. Cuba and Caribia are Kurava and Kaurava.
North America is the Uttara Mantrina that Etienne Lamotte mentions.
The compass directions of today are not valid here. According to compass the four main directions from Antarctica/Mount Meru are all to the North ! Ancient directions "south" etc... do not correspond with magnetic compass directions South,West, etc...
Europe and Asia are the "border lands" of this ancient Mandala world map.
The four main continents, around Antarctica/Mt Meru, are: Videha/Africa, Jambudvipa/India, Gondaniya/Australia, and Uttara Kuru/ South America.
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