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Quote from Shantideva deleted

Post by Tirisilex » Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:54 pm

Someone answered my post that got deleted and they gave me a quote from Shantideva I don't remember what text. I was hoping that whoever gave me that quote could give it to me again?

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Re: Quote from Shantideva deleted

Post by Jeff H » Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:29 pm

Not sure, but it might have been me. Had you mentioned “Tulpa” and “Servitors”?

I responded to that post saying I know nothing of them, but that I thought your core question had to do with fostering an attitude of ferocity against your afflictive emotions. I had included this quote from Shantideva because here he says that the defilement of rancor used to destroy the defilements in general “is not to be spurned”.
In the Bodhicharyavatara, chapter four, Shantideva wrote:35. And if the jail guards of the prisons of saṃsāra,
The butchers and tormentors of infernal realms,
All lurk within me in the web of craving,
What joy can ever be my destiny?

36. I will not leave the fight until, before my eyes,
These enemies of mine are all destroyed.
For if, aroused to fury by the merest slight,
Incapable of sleep until the scores are settled,

37. Proud but wretched rivals, destined all to suffer when they die,
Will draw the battle lines and do their best to win,
And careless of the pain of cut and thrust,
Will stand their ground refusing to give way,

38. No need to say that I will not lose heart,
Regardless of the hardships of the fray.
From this day forth I’ll strive to crush
These foes whose very nature is to bring me pain.

43. This shall be my all-consuming passion.
Filled with rancor I will wage my war!
Defilement of this kind will halt defilement
And for this reason it shall not be spurned.
(There’s a similar reference to the appropriate use of pride at 7:59ab, “Those who uphold pride to vanquish pride, the enemy, Are truly proud, victorious, and brave.”)
We who are like children shrink from pain but love its causes. - Shantideva

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Re: Quote from Shantideva deleted

Post by Tirisilex » Wed Sep 27, 2017 9:30 pm

Yes! this is it.. Thank you. I thought it was lost from me forever.

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