Are we on the right track in learning Buddha

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Re: Are we on the right track in learning Buddha

Post by Adamantine » Wed Feb 16, 2011 1:19 pm

Hanzze wrote:Image


...not even in 100 lives a monkey could make as much unwholesome acts as most of the unaggressive. Maybe it is because he is just not involved.
Maybe you're right Hanzze! There's a story that Lama Wangdor told us about a monkey in the forest that saw a yogi sitting silently in the meditation posture known as 7-points of Vairocana. The monkey imitated the yogi, and kept sitting there in that posture in silence. The story goes that because all of the inner channels became aligned, the winds began flowing in the proper way without hindrance, and the monkey itself attained liberation! It is mainly a story about the profundity of posture in meditation, but it's a story about monkey's too. :smile:
Contentment is the ultimate wealth;
Detachment is the final happiness. ~Sri Saraha

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Re: Are we on the right track in learning Buddha

Post by Hanzze » Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:14 am

The yogi had a lot of auspiciousness.
One need to be careful as Interpretations of stories always robber there essence.
Just that! :-)

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Re: What / who is Buddha / Siddharta ?

Post by CSEe » Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:56 am

kirtu wrote:
CSEe wrote:our own common sense WILL NEVER BE WRONG .
So however you conceive of common sense for yourself - you have deified your own common sense.

CSEe reply :-
Hi Kirtu , sorry for late reply , I was banned till today . No sir , I am here to share awareness and hope I could move to higher awareness .
How about Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot's common sense?

CSEe reply :-
No in Buddha , at my current awareness I am the opinion that they perhaps just a "baby" in Buddha , so how can you blame a baby of whatever they do .
In current world , knowledge and sometime age is a measurement of knowing but in Buddha knowledge do not exist is all about awareness .
Awareness in my perception is measurement of our own energy towards purity / emptiness - the Buddha . So they are no right act or wrong act . In Buddha Hitler / Pol Pot or stalin as you mentioned is not wrong simpily they do not have awareness like who ever think they are wrong . You perhaps have very much higher awareness ( closer to Buddha ) compared to them .
In search of Buddha we will never "do right" or "do wrong" becouse in Buddha there are NO RIGHT or WRONG .
So I can kill a homeless person and that won't be wrong? Homeless people suffer terribly and anyway are worthless parasites on society. We have lots of homeless people in the West so it won't be a big loss. And they commit crime too!

CSEe reply :-
You are looking with your eyes , but in Buddha we must looking with our awareness . Hitler maybe have awareness trillions of light years from you but the homeless perhaps have awareness millions years higher then me . In Buddha , is all about own self awareness and that cant be measured so sir how can you know if they are much closer to Buddha then you ?

So this wouldn't be wrong?

Some people have really advanced this view for real and don't see a problem with it. And it comes from their common sense.
In Buddha if I think killing is right , then that is my awareness , I perhaps need a long-long way to reach purity .In Buddha we all will clean our own rubbish , no one or any force will do it for us .
In search of Buddha if I do wrong is becouse of my awareness is perhaps low
So you can do wrong things?
, so when I became " wiser" - move to higher awareness I will understand my previous action is wrong .
This is why Shakyamuni Buiddha gave us the practice of morality. He wanted people to advance quickly to this level of awareness and also to not suffer the consequences of further bad actions.
In Siddharta search , yes I belief good is leading to Buddha and bad will delay our purification process towards Buddha .
How can you determine good and bad? I grew up in a society that says attacking or killing people under some circumstances is a positive action. Historically there are many societies like this. If you leave this to "common sense" then many bad actions could be committed.


CSEe reply :-

In Buddha our life ( awareness that consists of all emotions / desire / compassion etc ) is actually poluttant , life is not prescious as death is never the end . If anyone think that is right , then we have to share our awareness to them .

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Re: Are we on the right track in learning Buddha

Post by CSEe » Fri Feb 18, 2011 1:18 pm

Hanzze wrote:And what did he teach us?

He used to call everybody sir, and was always polite.
He never used harsh words.
He never made him self bigger than others.
When he quoted, he told always that it is his own believe.
He used to express only his own experiences.
He did not express knowledge as understanding.
He answered every quote as it would be given to him.
He toke the gifts with honor even he did not know how to use them.
He showed us, that our knowledge is useless.
He showed us our impatient.
He showed us our incapacity to teach.
He showed us our quick tendency to aversion.
He showed us how far we are from the insight of Buddha Dharma.

May we are able to take his gifts and learn so that it will be wholesome for everyone of us.

Are we on the right track in learning Buddha?


Hi Hanzze , thks alot .

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Re: Are we on the right track in learning Buddha

Post by CSEe » Fri Feb 18, 2011 1:39 pm

conebeckham wrote:
My message is WHY FOLLOW A GREAT MAN WALK IF WE KNOW HE IS GREAT , why don't we start walking in our own style .
First, you have to have a destination to walk toward..

CSEe reply :-

dear conebeckham ,
In search of Buddha I believe there are no map but Buddha is the final destination for all .
Mr Siddharta had his method ofcouse is not wrong to follow him but there are trillions of other way so I never and will never comment of how other choose thier way , the dog / cat might have thier own way even faster then me .

As in my case I prefer on Mr Siddharta fear / his search / try to see what he saw and with some help from his gossip" and what I choose to believe of his teaching / message but not going to the detial try to remember all the difficult words used in associated with Buddha .
Learning Buddha is fun and easy , if difficult it must be wrong .

You are right ofcouse we can not simpily ask some one for direction , that is why if can I want to ask only Mr Siddharta but not simpily anyone claimed as "teacher" .

Sir , if you prefer to believe what said to be teaching of Buddishm since there are tons of it that is great but is not wrong if other choose otherwise .

I at my current awareness believe that in search of Buddha , knowledge is only tiny part infact in Buddha knowledge does not exist .
Sir , i believe our life is pollutant in Buddha so how can I confident I had found Buddha if I still have all emotins / desire / compassion ?
i am here to learn from other awareness in order for me to move higher .

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