life is indeed suffering

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life is indeed suffering

Post by ryu » Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:38 pm

well here i am,

bored and restless! Is this it?

Im not materialistic, there is nothing i want. Well there is actually one thing....peace of mind.

Thats it. Short and sweet. im not making sense but maybe my irratic blurting will give you an idea of where im at.



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Re: life is indeed suffering

Post by PadmaVonSamba » Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:09 am

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The Chinese characters are Fo (buddha) and Ming (bright). The image is of a student of Buddhism, who, imagining himself to be a monk, and not understanding the true meaning of the words takes the sound of the words literally. Likewise, People on web forums sometime seem to be foaming at the mouth.
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Re: life is indeed suffering

Post by kkrotu » Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:29 am

Well if it is peace of mind you want meditation can really help with that. How? Any kind of meditation implies focusing your atention on something else than your thoughts. Focusing on the breath or on the body or on a color or any other kind of object of meditation. Doing this you will undoubtably achieve peace of mind for certain amount of time because when attention is focused on something else than your thoughts for a long enough period of time, the brain frequency changes, it slows down and once that happens peace of mind comes.

I know that concentrating on your breath or just feeling your body head to toe for half an hour can sound boring as hell. But once you try it , and if you can really arowse interest in analyzing your breath or body for a sustained period of time , peace of mind truly comes. Just try it and you'll be amazed how well it works if you do it right. You will also be amazed at how hard it is to just feel your breath or body or whatever object of meditation without losing your focus . In the begining it will seem incredibly difficult to keep focus for even a couple of seconds withouth thoughts arising in your mind.

This is truly a great way to achieve peace of mind the only thing is that it's not permanent. You are only peaceful when your attention or awareness is focused on something else than your thoughts. This peace of mind would only become permanent when you became enlightened. That's kind of what all of us want to do.

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