puja creation and sadhana question

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puja creation and sadhana question

Post by lungpa » Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:36 pm

I hate to ask this.. but i am grateful for the answers.. Ive googled everywhere, and does anybody know how to perform a Dzambalah puja? and what the steps are? I have no lama around me, and im too poor to travel, so i thought if i approach the deity myself what better way to realize this?

the second question is.. is there a red or yellow dzambhala sadhana that i can find? I googled some for free ones, but there is no free yellow dzambhala sadhana, but A puja and daily sadhana for the red and yellow or one of each is good enough for me.. i know im asking a lot.. but this will help many people in my community, which are poor here outside of nova scotia..

thank you


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