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Discussion of the fifth religious tradition of Tibet.
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Re: Lopön Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche

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Can You tell how many Thigles are there ?


If you don't know the Thigles but always meditate and keep in equanimity, it still can't be successful because if a crane flies in the sky, it cannot find the edge of space.

In a similar way, no matter how far you keep in the meditation of Shamatha- we call it Nyamzhag -you can't meet with success because normal Shamatha doesn't lead you beyond Samsara. There are several qualities of Samsara, some have very heavy suffering, some have medium suffering, some are a little better, but anyhow they are all in Samsara.

Thigle is a Tibetan word, but there is:

- The Thigle of Absolute Truth
- The Thigle of Relative Truth
- The visible Thigle
- The invisible Thigles

So many Thigles! Here there is the general explanation of the Thigles:

( I deleted the "special" added explanations because this would disturb the Mind of some super advisors here aboard and hope so that this plain enumeration without going into details would be non-disturbing)

1. In the brain, on the head there is the Thigle of Body, Speech and Mind.
2. In the palace of the heart level there is the Thigle of Space,Empty Nature and Bliss.
3. At the navel level there is the Palace of the Thigle of Samsara and Nirvana.
4. At the secret place there is the Thigle of Unchangeable Nature.
5. And in the heart level the Thigle is Clarity Nature - it is called a Thigle but it is naturally Clear Nature.
6. The Thigle which is at the navel level is the Thigle of unstoppable clarity which is integrated with Nature.
7. The Thigle of the secret chakra is beyond inherent existence;
8. This Thigle of the body, speech and mind is introduced by means of signs and symbols.
9. The Thigle of Space, Clarity and Unification
10. Your own Nature of Mind is the Thigle beyond Nirvana or Samsara.

If you realize all these Thigles with the Natural State, it is like a crane which doesn't search for the edge of space; the crane knows that space is endless. So in a similar way, Nature, Clarity and SelfAwareness don't search for the edge, meaning or center at all.
The best meditation is no meditation

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Re: Lopön Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche

Post by kalden yungdrung » Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:32 pm

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When is it the right time for practising the Clear Light ?

Lopon La:

The particular time for this practice is to practice with the sunlight during daytime (nyin snang) and during the nighttime (mtshan snang) one practices with the darkness (mun mtshams).

It is also important that you find a place for practice where it is convenient for you.
When you have found such a suitable place for practice then you have to have only one or 2 faithful friends for practical reasons, not any more - that would bring diluting circumstances.

After your meditation is completely stable, or stable enough, it would be better to stop all normal activities; not to do any more things, thereby stopping delusions and normal popular activities.

Once you are stable and familiar enough you can try to integrate with any kind of activity of body, speech and mind.
Until this point you should try to keep in meditation and stop delusions.
Until then you will have to work hard.
Until this point in time you must not stop and find excuses to be tired.
Until that time it is best to stay in very strict retreat (mtshams bsdam).

Do not talk to anybody or at least do not too much! Food, clothes and living - everything should not be too luxury nor too poor - just medium class and suitable for you.

Stop completely any activities of body, speech and mind and any connection which you might have with worldly living conditions.

When all these things are perfect and the practice is going well there are many texts and teachings and many methods you can use.

Although there are many methods to use, many practices for developing the visions (snang ba), and many methods for the direct introduction (ngo sprod pa), the most important thing is that whatever you are practicing is to be as stable in the natural state and as clear (in the luminous visions of the clear light) as possible.

That Is the main thing you should focus on, whatever you may meditate and practice.
That is very, very Important!

Whatever you meditate on and where you meditate and how you meditate should be always covered with this awareness (rang rig pa) and the Great Clear Light ('od gsal chen po).
That is the real point of trying to be stable and clear."
The best meditation is no meditation

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