Bön Chöd

Discussion of the fifth religious tradition of Tibet.
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Bön Chöd

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Tashi delek,

Bön has 4 Chöd traditions:

- Peaceful
- Wrathful
- Subduing
- Extending


H.E. Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche
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1. Introduction to the background of Chöd

Meaning of Chöd

So Chöd is a little part to help your meditation to develop and to purify disturbances and send them away, but it doesn't give you real realization; it helps you develop.

The worldly meaning of 'chöd' is 'cutting', but which things canbe cut? What is cutting? What it the purpose? So I need to teil you all these things.

What is being cut is the Five Poison Consciousnesses. They always bind human beings, so they need to be cut off so we have no more conneetion to them. So, that is what to cut.

They can be cut down by Emptiness, Knowledge and Wisdom.

Which wisdom depends on (whether you are following) Dzogchen, Tantra or Sutra. Usually it is nota requirement of Sutra; Chöd is not mentioned and Sutra practitioners don't use it. It is mainly in Tantra,
and Dzogchen uses a little part of it.

Chöd means the real realization of Nature and Empty Nature. We call it Dak-me Tok-pa'i She-rab which is Emptiness Knowledge, I think. That can cut off the 5 Poison Consciousnesses and Ignorance in particular.

How can it be cut off? Usually we naturally think that all phenomenal existence, including ourselves, exists inherently. The thinker or consciousness is what is cut; that is the real one, the consciousness which perceives that everything exists as we see it. So how can it be purified or cut off If you see a flowerin front of you on a table or somewhere, you can touch one petal or the whole bunch.

If you take each flower and look there, leaves, petals and seeds all have different names, so you can't find the real flower on the object side. Yet still we think and perceive the flower and believe that there is something on the object side. But when you check and look sensibly, you can't find a flower which is on the table. So check in that way. Or like a car. If you look outside, there is the car's body; if you look inside and take out the engine, wheels, gears etc and split them up, then there is no 'car'. Yet the car is still there, you haven't lost it and we say 'my car', 'his car'. But if you touch it, you are touching the car's door, or the car's handle, but not 'the car'. Yet we still think 'car'.

Everything is like this, and we are supposed to be following these words and looking back to ourselves. If we do we see my head, my body, my consciousness- everything is my, my, not 'me'. Even though we search and can't find it anywhere yet still we think 'me', 'he', 'she' and hold this very strongly. If you search, you can't find it, but we very strongly think it exists.

That is Ignorance, and we have to cut it off by the method of Chöd. Nothing exists on the object side, yet still we grasp and think very forcefully. That thinker is called Real Ignorance; there is no reason to, but still it grasps forcefully. Everything is in a similar situation. One man looks at a person and thinks, 'He is my enemy' while another one looks and thinks, 'He is my friend'. From the person's side, there is no enemy or friend; you can't find anything from his side, but it is consciousness which makes and creates very strongly. We can see this clearly: in the morning you are very friendly with someone, but in the afternoon, he is your worst enemy.

This happens very easily and shows that from the object's side, there is no partiality and no reality of friend nor enemy; nothing. It is only created by the self, by consciousness. First of all we have to realize that it is this which we have to cut in Chöd. So you have to think about this; if you don`t think, there can be no meditation, no base, no capital. If you think, then as you know more and more and become happier, that is meditation.

The best meditation is no meditation

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Re: Bön Chöd

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BÖNPO CHÖD PILGRIMAGE: The Sacrifice of the Self

The best meditation is no meditation

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