Gozhi Dzonga (sgo bzhi mdzod lnga)

Discussion of the fifth religious tradition of Tibet.
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Gozhi Dzonga (sgo bzhi mdzod lnga)

Post by kalden yungdrung » Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:03 am

The doctrines which were taught by Lord Shenrab are divided into 2 systems.

One classification is called Gozhi Dzonga (sgo bzhi mdzod lnga), 'The 4 Portals and the Treasury as 5th .'

These are:

1. Chabkar (chab dkar): 'White Waters': contains the esoteric or higher tantric practices.
2. Chabnag (chab nag): 'Black Waters': includes narratives and various rites, magic and ordinary rituals such as death, funeral, illness and ransom rituals.
3. Panyu I ( 'phan yul): 'The Land of Pan': explains the monastic rules and gives exposition of philosophical concepts.
4. Ponse (dpon gsas): 'The Lordly Guide': contains the Great Perfection practices (Dzogchen; rdzogs chen).
5. Totog (mtho thog): 'The Treasury': it comprises the essential aspects of all the 4 Portals.

The 2nd classification is called Tegpa Rimgui Bön (theg pa rim dgu 'i bon), 'The Bön of the 9 Successive Stages,' or simply 'The 9 Ways of Bön.'

Look please here for the 9 Ways in Bön:
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