The 9 Sisters Sacred Dance

Discussion of the fifth religious tradition of Tibet.
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The 9 Sisters Sacred Dance

Post by kalden yungdrung » Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:29 pm

Tashi delek,

Geshe La Ten Gelek, is skilled in the Bön Cham Dances.

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The 9 Sisters Sacred Dance - gZe Ma dGu ‘Cham

The Dance of the 9 gze ma sisters.

A monastic dance ('cham) performed in the Bön tradition.

The dance depicts an important moment in Bön cosmology, In one account of narratives, it is said that once Chu lCam rGyal Mo did a consort of LHa rGod Thog Pa in heaven.
When they had physical contact, 27 eggs were produced.

From the first 9 eggs, 9 sisters with animal-head forms and human-body forms were born.

These 9 sisters were appointed as protectors by sTag La Me ‘Bar.
The middle nine 9 were light eggs, from which appeared nine sisters with the same physical figures as the before nine.

They all were appointed as the protectors.

Among the last 9 eggs, eight are made of five precious metals. The eggs which were made of 5 precious metal were offered to the deities of the 5 directions of universe.

The middle 9 sisters are more beautiful than their elder 9 sisters, and they play mostly the worldly consort.

The eldest 9 sisters are called gZe Ma dGu. In this dance, performer wear the 9 different masks of animals which represent the eldest 9 sisters.

In the early time in Tibet, all the 27 sisters with Srid Pa’I Gyalmo would perform together. In this dance, first mother Srid Pa’I Gyalmo performs the dance while the daughters are watching, which represents mother is teaching the daughters how to dance.

The detail of this dance and its mythology is written on the text Khro Bo dBang Chen. It is said that this text was rediscovered by gShen Chen Klu dGa’ (996-1035) in 1017.

Srid Pa’I Gyalmo is the special protector of Shen Linage family. It is said that this dance was first started by gShen Chen Klu dGa’.

The first 9 of these hatched to produce a group of 9 sisters, called the gze ma dgu. The sacred dance presents the story of these 9 sisters, which are depicted with human bodies and animal heads.

The 9 sisters are:

1. Blue dragon head
2. Dark green snake head
3. Black jackdaw head
4. White snow lion head
5. Red bear head
6. Dark red wolf head
7. Dark maroon tiger head
8. Yellow green Garuda head
9. Female Naga head
steps of perform 9 sisters ‘Dance’
1 approach gait
2 Tiger steps
3 Lion steps
4 peaceful and wrathful steps
5 fire mountain steps
6 Mother tantra steps
7 wrathful disposition steps
8 welcome steps
9 energy moving steps
10 arrows pull steps
11 conquer sky steps
12 four shoot steps
15 world queen steps
14 Lama Bön steps

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