Bön Terma

Discussion of the fifth religious tradition of Tibet.
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Bön Terma

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Tashi delek,

Bön has many Termas , due to the intense persecution of Bön and Bönpos in Tibet.
To survive, many teachings were hidden in rocks, trees, statues etc.
To understand Bön history better, the undermentioned Terma is a must to study.


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By: Nathan S. Cutler
Lineage and burial rites

A work from the Bön gTer-ma tradition which discovered by Gyer Thogsmed in 1310, is the Srid-pa rGyud-kyi Kha-byang Chen-mo.

This book gives a Bön account of introduction of Bön religion to Tibet and also an early rendition of the Bön cosmology.

Although this work is not yet in translation, several western scholars have relied on it, and a recent history called the Legs-bshad-mdzod by bKra-shis rGyal-mtshan (1859-1935) uses this Kha-byang as a main resource as well.

Although neither of these Bön works are used extensively in this present study, it should be stated that they are a primary resource for the study of ancient history in Tibet.
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