Ragshi Tokden Rinpoche Drime Yungdrung

Discussion of the fifth religious tradition of Tibet.
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Ragshi Tokden Rinpoche Drime Yungdrung

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Ragshi Tokden Rinpoche Drime Yungdrung
Jean Luc Achard.

Ragshi Tokden Rinpoche (Drime Yungdrung) was born in 1908. He took up the vows at the age of 13 in 1920 from Gotön Nyima Gyeltsen and entered the monastery of Luphuk in Eastern Tibet. Then he studied A-khrid with Künkhyen Thukje Nyima.

After, this met his root master, the famed 6th Kündröl Rinpoche (Hûmchen Drodül Lingpa, 1901-1956) and studied Tsalung under his guidance. He even became the assistant of Kündröl in the revelation of one Terma.

Then, he met his second root-master, the great yogi Zöpa Gyeltsen who recognized him as an emanation of Tsewang Rigdzin. I don't know though if the recognition implied an explicit Tulku status, probably. Later, while he was in Central Tibet in 1935, he met Gargya Khyungtrül and became some kind of regent of the latter's teachings.

Upon his return in Eastern Tibet, he met the Shardza Gyeltsab (Lodrö Gyamtso) and received all the teachings of the Shardza lineage and he was himself installed as an official regent of the Shardza tradition.

Throughout his live, he strived for the spread of this tradition as well as that of Kündröl. He unfortunately passed away in 2002. He was the most proeminent Bönpo master of the 20th century, together with Möngyel Lhasey Rinpoche, Zöpa Gyeltsen, and others.

If Bön is active as it is in Eastern Tibet, it's entirely because of these masters among whom Ragshi Tokden was a kind of luminary.

I was told that his works are being collected and should be available in the near future. I have seen some of his songs and poems which are really fascinating.

For those who are interested and who read Tibetan, Ragshi Tokden's main disciple, Künsel Nyingpo Rinpoche, has recently published some songs and poems of his master in a book entitled A Compilation of the Experiential Songs of Drime Yungdrung Gyepa Tsel with the following references :

Dri med g.yung drung dgyes pa rtsal gyi nyams mgur phyogs bsgrigs, Mi rigs dpe skrun khang, Beijing, 1999, 120 pages.

The book contains a biography of the author, and some of his songs arranged in a gradual thematic order. There is also a recent picture of the author, as well as one of his monastery, Lugön (Klu-dgon) in Eastern Tibet. The introduction to the book more or less rewrites the biography which is included in the same volume.

So, Tokden Rinpoche Drime Yungdrung, was a highly realized master who did attained the Rainbow Body in 2002 (and who taught Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, a year before his passing away)
declared :

"My ethical conduct is that of a sutra practitioner,
my practice is that of the Yidam (tantra),
my View is that of Dzogchen (kadag + lhundrup)." :applause:
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