24 Zhang Zhung Masters

Discussion of the fifth religious tradition of Tibet.
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24 Zhang Zhung Masters

Postby kalden yungdrung » Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:28 pm

Tashi delek,

We know in Bon the 24 Zhang Zhung Masters who played all an important role in the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyud Dzogchen Lineage. The central person here is Tapihritsa. Here the Bon Dzogchen of ZZNG was not written down. It starts with the student of Tapihritsa, Gyerpung Nagzher Lodpo who was the first who did wrote all the oral transmissions down.

They all had so their individual view about the realisation of the Rainbow body, so they all have their individual way of practice which does show us that Nature is not identical to the Dzogchenpa but that the Dzogchenpa has similarities with Nature but that he is never similar to Nature.

Mutsog Marro

Taphirista and the 24 ZZ masters + 9 Buddhas.jpg
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First we get the 9 Desheg Buddhas (Mind to Mind Lineage):

1. Yenyi Tonpa (Bonsku Kuntu Zangpo)
2. Thugjei Tonpa (Dzogsku / Sambhogakaya, Shenla Okar)
3. Trulpai Tonpa (Shenrab Chenpo / Nirmanakaya)
4. Rigpai Tonpa (Tseme Oden)
5. Trulshen Nagden
6. Barnang Khujug
7. Zangza Ringtsun (Serab Chamma)
8. Chimey Tsugpu
9. Sangwa Dupa

The 24 Masters of Zhangzhung are:

1) Lhasen Yongsu Dagpa
2) Lubon Banam
3) Mibon Tride Zambu
4) Banam Kyolpo
5) Trisho Gyalwara
6) Rasang Samdrub
7) Darma Sherab
8) Deitas Darma Bode
9) Tripen Of Zhang Zhung
10) Muye Lhagyung
11) Mashen Legzang
12) Deitas Gyershen Taglha
13) Rasang Yung-Drung
14) Tashen Yungpen
15) Gepar Dondrub
16) Gyerpung Gepen
17) Deitas Gegyl
18) Namgyal Of Zhang Zhung
19) Mugyung Karpo
20) Horti Chenpo
21) Donkun Drubpa
22) Rasang Pengyal
23) Gurib Sega
24) Dawa Gyaltsen
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