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The Essence of Shentong by Jetsun Taranatha

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2016 6:42 pm
by Losal Samten ... _final.pdf

The Essence of Zhentong composed by Jetsun Tāranātha

  • I. A General Presentation on the Classification of Philosophical Systems
    • Non-Buddhist Systems

    • Buddhist Systems
    ◊ Vaibhāṣika
    ◊ Sautrāntrika
    o Hinayāna & Mahāyāna
    ◊ Cittamātra
    ◊ Madhyamaka

    o Common Madhyamaka
    o Great Madhyamaka

    II. Identifying the Classifications of Madhyamaka
    • The Ordinary Meaning of Madhyamaka
    o The Three Natures
    • The Extraordinary Meaning of Madhyamaka

    III. Clearing Away Extremes Imputed by Others