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2017 Global Jonang Kalachakra Tour

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 9:49 pm
by Tārāmitra
The Jonang and Rimé master Khentrul Rinpoche is touring the world this year to give teachings and empowerments from the Jonangpa’s complete tradition of the Kalachakra Tantra, presenting a rare opportunity especially for us in Europe.
While specific dates are still being finalised, the tentative schedule for 2017 is as follows:

January — Bodhgaya, India
February — Singapore
March — Hong Kong
April-May — Australia
June — Canada
July — Puerto Rico, Mexico
August — United States
September-October — Europe
November — Taiwan

If you would like to invite Rinpoché to visit your city or centre during this tour, please contact to discuss your ideas.
More information: ... tour-2017/