My cat dreams nightmares

Help required with personal difficulties.
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Re: My cat dreams nightmares

Post by Dan74 » Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:55 am

Folks, a couple of points:

1. While interacting on the Forum, I think we benefit the most if we assume the others are acting out of best intentions. It is very hard to accurately gauge people's intentions in this media especially people coming from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, languages, etc. So assuming the best leads to best outcomes I have found.

2. Please lets be respectful of people from non-English speaking backgrounds. Seeing that this is an international forum, the English speakers should not be behaving like they own the place but welcome people from other backgrounds. If you can't understand what someone else writes, you can either say so politely or move on. (incidentally, I don't come from an English-speaking background)

Please lets all help make this forum a place of friendly Dharma exchange.

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