Retreat with Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche June 12-13

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Retreat with Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche June 12-13

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Event : Retreat with Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche June 12-13
Venue : Ösel Khandro Duwi Ling, 17 miles south of Grants, New Mexico
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Saturday, June 12: Nyung Nay is the purification and compassion practice of the Nobel Eleven-Faced Chenrezig, bodhisattva of compassion. The practice involves extensive recitation and chanting of mantra and the taking of certain vows, such as keeping silent and fasting (only one vegetarian meal is served, at noon). Bhakha Rinpoche says: "All suffering and misfortune comes from negative powers. By increasing positive powers, Nyung Nay practice brings happiness and harmony. Doing this practice brings great benefit to the practitioner and to the place where he or she practices. It is one of the most effective ways to purify the environment and create peace."

Sunday, June 13: The Heart Essence of the Lake Born is the secret sadhana of the great master Padmasambhava in his semiwrathful form. By visualizing oneself as Pema Thotreng Tsal, the immortal Lake Born Vajra, and chanting his mantra, we purify all attachment to ordinary appearances, to reveal the display of supreme wisdom.

Khandro Norla is also known as "The Fertile Shower Fulfilling All Wishes." It is a ritual for capturing the essential wealth of mundane possibilities (samsara) and peace (nirvana).

Bhakha Rinpoche is the tenth tulku in a lineage of reincarnated lamas who have taken birth again and again with the inestimable desire to benefit all beings. The Bhakha Tulkus have been incarnations of the great tertön of the East, Dorje Lingpa, who was an emanation of one of Tibet's preeminent translators and Dzogchen masters, Vairotsana; the great tertön of the West, Pema Lingpa; as well as the great tertön of the indeterminate direction, Shikpo Lingpa. Rinpoche’s monastery, the Bhakha Monastery, is in Powo, located in Guru Rinpoche's "hidden land" of Pemaköd, the sacred heartland of Vajra Dakini, just north of the Indian border, in Tibet.

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